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Pasovská 34, 385 01 Vimperk, Czech Republic

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+420 602 461 629, +420 388 411 212





castle-museum, arboretum – forest garden, movie-theatre, swimming pool, winter and football (soccer) stadium, tennis courts, horse-riding school, biking, hiking, skiing, bike and ski rental, fishing, mushroom picking, fitness, solarium, massages, pedicure, manicure, discotheque, night clubs and bars, supermarkets, gasoline station, post office, banks, hospital, railway and bus station, information center.



Boubinsky Forest, Sudslavicka Path, Chalupska Fenland, Pravetinska Path, Javornik, Jezerni Fenland, Povydri, Medvedi stezka (Bear’s Trail).


The Square – Castle – Haselburg – Cerna zamecka brana (Black Castle Gate) – The Church of Visitation of the Holy Mary – Statue of St. Jan Nepomucky – the Church of St. Bartholomew – The Chapel of Fourteen Holy Helpers – Belfry – A stone statue of St. Anna Selfthird –Crib houses No. 16 an 18 – Innocencova Street – Municipal House on the square of nam. Svobody – descr. No. 39,40 – Fountains on the square –”U Jelena” House.


Zadov-Churanov-Kvilda , Kubova Hut, Nova Hut, Horni Vltavice, Mitterfirmiansreut-Philippsreut.


• Kubova Hut – the highest positioned railway station in Bohemia, the remainders of the Golden Trail
• Zadov – a meteorological station Churanov,a sports skiing area
• Kvilda – the highest positioned mountain village in Bohemia
• Lenora – a township with a famous glassworks, Museum of Glass
• Wolf Stone – a monument of shooting the last Sumava wolf on Svetla Hora (Light Mountain)
• Vinec – a primeval fortification with a perimeter of about 1,350 m from the late Stone Age
• Vchynicko-Tetovsky Canal – a navigation canal from the turn of 18th and 19th centuries
• Volary – Volary houses, the Church of St. Catherine
• The sources of the Vltava River – the source of the longest Czech river, the dividing range of the North and the Black Sea


The oldest written mention about Vimperk dates back to 1263. 1359 – the first report of the salt path – the Golden Trail from Passau to Vimperk. In 1479, the king Vladislav Jagellonsky sublimated Vimperk to the town status. The 15th century brougth the beginnings of the tradition of the Vimperk book printing and glass making. The town had several owners, Eggenbergs, Schwarzenbergs …

In 1855, Jan Steinbrener started to print books continuing the printing tradition. The books printed in local printing houses were famous throughout Europe and were printed almost in 30 languages.


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